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Hello and welcome to ResponseAU my name is Phillip Mitchell and I am the owner and administrator of the ResponseAU Podcast and Website.

I have been involved in the Security industry since 1999 and joined CFA as a Fire fighter in August 2002.

It seems I’m always banging away at my computer and not really achieving much until one day I stumbled across Pod Casting and it really got me in, I would download hours and hours of Pod Casts usually from the USA telling me the stories of the guys and girls I have never known, who were from places I have never been and how they did this and then that would happened and the stories about all these people that seem to know each other as if from the same place when in fact they came from opposite sides of the country, I couldn’t help but think why has nobody put something like this together talking about our emergencies and how our people tackled and overcame these incidents, surely this would be interesting to us.

I searched and found a few Australian Emergency based Pod Casts but nothing like what I was after, none would give me the local content to keep me interested with no mention of the people I knew or the places I have been, I decided it’s not there it doesn’t exists so I would have to build it myself and put it there for others to hear and comment on.

I want you to tell me what interests you. What do you want to know about Emergency Response here in Australia and whose story do you want to hear?

Go to the Suggest a Guest tab and send us the details of what and who you would like to hear from and any other comments would be great as well.

Phillip Mitchell


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